Why Investing in Email Database Hygiene & Enrichment is a Must

You may have heard of data hygiene and the enrichment of your database before, but still do not know completely what they mean or why they are important. Companies need to ensure that their data is as clean as possible and accurate in order to provide the best possible service to everyone. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at why you should invest in data hygiene and the enrichment of your database. Keep reading down below to find out more.

What Is Data Hygiene?

Data hygiene is the process that companies use in order to ensure that their data and information are as clean as possible. This means that the data is free from errors, or as free from errors as it could possibly be. Dirty data is the opposite and can cause a lot of problems for your business if you’re not careful. This often comes about when you get duplicate content, or you are using old, outdated information.

What Is Data Enriching?

Essentially, enriching your data means that you are expanding existing data using additional information, often from a third-party source. This tends to use reliable third-party data sources in order to find more information on a specific customer which can include contact information as well as a number of other pieces of information

Why Are They Important?

But, why are data hygiene and data enriching important investments to make? The cleaner your data is, the more reliable and accurate it is going to be, meaning people can trust it. The last thing that you want is to get a reputation for being unreliable, having data that isn’t accurate or up to date, or anything in this area. Instead, you need to be regularly going through all of your information, ensuring that it is as clean as possible and if it isn’t either getting rid of it or using data enrichment to update it.

If you want people to use your service, then you need to be able to have faith in what you are providing them. You are never going to be able to do this if you aren’t investing in ensuring that your data is as accurate as possible. Every year, around 18% of telephone numbers change, and if you don’t have the updated number, your information is no longer correct, putting your business operations at risk somewhat.

Data enrichment will also aid you in improving your sales efficiency as you will be able to contact your customers through phone or email, enticing them to your business once more. Use email marketing to do this as much as you can as this is a fantastic strategy to bring more people to the business, as well as maintain returning customers.

You should now have a better understanding of data hygiene and enrichment of your databases, as well as why they are important. Investing in this is essential if you want to maintain your reputation on the market as a reliable source of information, so consider this before you dismiss the notion completely.

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