B2B Customized Email Database

B2B custom database offers one solution that answers your database needs. By allowing you to select the components that you need for your sales and marketing operations, you can address many challenges that are present in finding your marketing audience.

B2B Customized Email Database
Custom compiled segmented data

Simplifying B2B approach

With the list of these B2B email databases, organizations can easily reach the B2B decision-makers to empower their business success.

Marketing to a corporate

Right Marketing Solutions

We, at Seagrass understand the necessity of email database in the modern digital era. Enabling the businesses extend their B2B relationships.

Identify Target Market helps in focused prospecting, precise branding, and faster revenue growth.

One of the most efficient methods of promoting your business is email marketing. The right campaign aimed at the correct database is one that will be successful, and despite the present crisis right now, this is an advertising medium that can make a crisis less painful and help you to retain your customers. When you are running an email campaign, you need it to be effective and while it’s less effective during a crisis, you shouldn’t stop your email lists from going out. Having a custom database is going to make a difference to your business, as you can identify the best B2B decision-makers, personalize your offering and close the deals that you have started much faster.
With the help of SGM, you can build a better platform for you to build a global B2B email database. The information will be more accurate with the right contact information, streamlining your ability to reach your prospects in moments. If your content marketing efforts are not getting you the results that you need, then you need to look at the ways that you can maximize these. With a custom database and the help of SGM, you can ensure that your email marketing efforts are worth it. You can build registrations for upcoming webinars, get out of the endless loop of ineffective email marketing campaigns and identify the correct decision-makers in those target accounts. And that can all be successful with the help of SGM.

Why Choose SGM

Did you know that SGM data coverage spans over 19 million companies? That means that we have access to over 100 million decision-makers, and we can provide you with a range of features that really matter to your business and your business growth. Some of the features that we can help you within your business include the following:
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