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Data Appending Service for B2B & B2C. Reap the Rich Rewards of a Potent, Flexible, Segmented Database. Appending information increases your ability to analyze your markets, shape your content and direct your business expansion.

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Custom compiled segmented data

Custom compiled segmented data

Cover all your markets with our custom compiled data and segment down finely to target each niche with better and better initiatives.
Marketing to a corporate

Marketing to a corporate?

Data Appending Companies – Go in prepared. Understand your corporate prospect’s competitive business Strategy. Shape your offer to meet their needs
Get inspiration from our popular lists

Get inspiration from our popular lists

Thinking about buying custom compiled data, but not sure what data you might want? Have a look at some of our most popular lists to get your creative juices going.
Optimize segmented data with emails.

Optimize segmented data with emails.

Understand your markets better. Measure the differing strength of each response and gain detailed insights into the right pitches for the right customers.


B2B data decays at a rate of up to 70% Per Year


Are You Looking To Reach More Customers?

Try our email appending services today!

With the help of the experts at Seagrass Marketers, you will be able to do more with that surplus data of your potential customers and your existing customers. If your data is packed with names and addresses, it won’t be of any value. We live in a time where the most important things are done digitally and at SGM, we can help you with the provision of active phone numbers, email addresses that you need for your target customer list. At SGM, we’re able to help you to get the response that you need in a way that’s easier than you ever thought possible.

How Does Our Email Append Service Work?

One of the best ways to do better with your marketing campaigns is to invest in email append services and acquire qualified email leads. These will boost your sales revenues, and they will help to give your campaign a huge boost. You get your email campaigns in the right boxes, too. At SGM, we can work with you to reach the right markets and get those higher sales that you need to give your marketing the competitive edge that it’s missing right now. Our marketing solutions are highly responsive, and it works in these steps:

Receiving your address records

Appending names, addresses and phone numbers for our b2b database.
Seeking out the online email addresses for your customers using both vendor partners and proprietary databases.
Delivering back your database with a postal address that’s accurate, with a phone number alongside it.

Explore Your Opportunities

The world of database marketing is huge, and reaching your target audience isn’t the easiest thing to do. The good news is that instead of traveling from one department to another to get the information that you need, we’ll help. We can ensure that you have the correct information for gatekeepers and ranked officials of public and private businesses across the world. Our email addresses on offer to our clients are fresh, relevant and help you to reach your target audience in an instant.

A Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Data Appending Companies: One of the things that we are most proud of is our Data email appending service and the fact it’s a cost-effective strategy for your marketing in your business. If you are trying to reach a particular type of local and foreign customer, our system is going to help you to expand on and nurture that relationship in a way you couldn’t have before. We believe that the best thing that you can do is to keep in touch with your customers and make them aware of what your business is up to. With the right database list, you can gain a multi-channel marketing strategy that really works.

Why Choose SGM

There are plenty of benefits to the process of using our email append service. You only have to pay for the deliverable appended email addresses to start off with, but you also get to work with a business that works to an assured deadline. We are committed to ensuring that you have the whole process executed while meeting the deadline, from matching & opting out, too. We’ll work with you to provide accurate, tailored email addresses of the right decision-makers or other concerned parties.
Not only that, we’ll help you to fetch 80% of your customer data and extend the quality of your marketing, too. You can verify your records to decrease bounce rates, too, and our email intelligence offers reliable and safe email validation services that make sense for your business data. At SGM, we also help you to take advantage of our full-scale data hygiene and enhancement services for global records. This will help you to boost your connections and sales worldwide in your business. If you have dreams of a marketing campaign going well, SGM is here to help.

Data Driven Marketing Solutions You Need

Data Appending Companies: At SGM, we’re proud to offer a range of specific services that offer innovative and data-driven marketing solutions to all of our customers. The right contacts really do matter when it comes to email append services, and we engage and join with millions of customers and companies every single day to ensure that you get the right point through the right channel. With our help, you can revamp and reactivate your fledgling database with ease. Business expansion is easier to gain when you have the right B2B email marketing help.
The one thing that we do know here at SGM is that the future of B2B marketing communication is bright and breezy, and we’re here for it. There are so many trends out there that are occurring right now and these include globalization, research and development, multi-channel communication, and more. Our niche email append service can help you to fill the gaps in your database that are only holding your business back! Making the most of your present market opportunities really does matter, and we’re here to help you.
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