How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to Target the Right Prospects

You could have the most fantastic products and services in the world, but if your business is targeting the wrong prospects, you’ll fail to make an impact. That’s why it is so important to create an ideal customer profile or ICP. In this post, we run through ICP best practices and show you how you can easily attract the right B2B leads. Check them out below.

Create A List Of Your Best Customers

Find out how much value you’re charging your customers and how much they’re getting from your solution in return. You want the second number to be bigger than the first. So if you charge $50 for your services, you want to provide $150 in value.

Look for customers who are really benefiting from your services and write them down in a list. Choose the ten or twenty clients you’re providing the most value to. These are your ideal leads.

Look At What They Have In Common

Now identify the attributes that they have in common. This will allow you to find similar prospects in the future who can benefit equally well from your solutions.

Work Out Attribute Priority

Next, write down which attributes are the most critical. Prioritize them by considering your value proposition from your customers’ perspective.

Fill Out A Template

Lastly, create a template that will allow your team to replicate your process when identifying prospects and marketing to them. Ideally, you would like anybody in your organization to be able to find and approach high-value clients and win business.

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