Top follow-up email trends of 2023 in email marketing

Best B2b Contact Database – In this post, we’ll explore the top follow-up email trends in email marketing. Follow-up emails are an integral part of a successful marketing strategy and have improved customer relationships and increased conversions by several percent. So what can you expect for follow-ups in the coming year?


Personalized subject lines have been proven to improve open rates by up to 19%, so continue using them in 2023. For example, if your company just launched a new product, you could send an email with the title “Your New Product,” whereas another person would receive an email with their name and the subject line of “New Product Launch.” This will help customers feel more connected, which can lead to increased conversions. Another tip for personalizing is adding time-sensitive information like holiday promotions or upcoming events into an email’s subject line – this has shown positive results when done correctly. Still, it shouldn’t be used too often as timely emails are only effective 13% of the time.

Implement AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are another trend you should consider in 2023. Using AI and machine learning to personalize emails can improve open rates by up to 30%, making it a popular email follow-up trend for marketers. Many tools are available, like Mailshake’s lead scoring feature, that make this process more accessible than ever before, so take advantage of them!

Engaging Content

Best B2b Contact Database – Email marketers should continue creating engaging content. The more attractive your emails are, the better you’ll do when it comes to follow-ups and conversions. For example, if a lead doesn’t open an email after their first attempt, then send them another email that has been personalized with information from previous interactions or conversations they may have had on your site – this increases engagement by up to 30%. In addition, your email should have a clear call to action and be relevant to the customer. For example, if you’re sending out promotional emails, like sales or coupons, include a personalized offer for each person based on their interests and buying history.

Appreciation Emails

The final trend we’ll cover is appreciation emails. An estimated 83% of customers feel appreciated when they receive a follow-up email from your brand, leading to increased customer retention rates and higher average order values (AOV). A simple “Thank you for being part of our community” or “We appreciate your business!” works well, but if you want to take it up a notch, consider rewarding loyal customers with something special like exclusive discounts or free shipping! Remember that sending an appreciation email now and then is only effective 23% of the time, so don’t use this tactic too often as it will impact your audience less.

These are just a few of the trends you can expect to see. By personalizing emails(Best B2b Contact Database), implementing AI and machine learning, using engaging content, and sending appreciation emails, brands will be able to improve their customer relationships, leading to higher conversions.

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