Things you must know about verified leads & how to acquire them

A verified lead serves as a lead that has been checked for its authenticity, ensuring that marketing material and lead acquisition efforts are not sent to temporary, false, or outdated contact methods.
Curating verified leads means your marketing efforts are more likely to bear fruit.
The most popular types of verified sales leads include:
  • Verified Auto leads.
  • Verified Mortgage leads.
  • Verified B2b leads.
  • Verified B2b leads.
Often, companies use software checks such as sending out an automated text message or email containing a code, which a user signing up to a newsletter or promotion will they verify to authenticate their account.
In some cases, like in B2B leads, lead verifiers, will call given potential contacts to make sure their information is up to date. That process can be quite lengthy and tiresome, however, and ineffective given the time investment required.
One of the best ways to secure new leads is to use marketing lists for email campaigns.

The Utility Of Email Campaigns

Verified email databases, such as the excellent B2B Email Database offered by Seagrass Marketers can provide you with the verified justification for B2B email campaigns.
This can take some time to accumulate yourself, and so having access to heavily curated email lists such as this can provide you with competence and coherence in your message, also allowing you to nail the tone in your branding and the high-quality pitch or value-added proposition you use to complete the sales funnel.

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