How to Make A Design Template To Drive Results For Your Email Campaigns

Any company that utilizes email marketing wants to ensure that they are generating the maximum amount of leads possible. Email, potentially, has one of the greatest ROI (return on investment) capabilities of any marketing campaign, so it is important to get it right. Many companies are not optimizing this great resource properly and are missing out on valuable revenue as a result. However, there are ways you can create better email campaigns and boost that all-important lead generation.

Easy Reading and Clear CTA

You do not want to create an email campaign that is text-heavy. People do not have time or the attention span to read through oceans of text. Think simplicity and succinctness. You want to draw people’s attention to the call to action (CTA) so you need to structure the email accordingly. An inverted pyramid email design structure is the most effective way to do this, with a large, clear, attractive, CTA at the bottom of the pyramid.


If it is not relevant, it has to go. Email campaigns that only display relevant information have a 76% increase in leads generated from this source.

Brand Extension

An email is a piece of marketing and should be seen as an extension of your brand. You could treat it as a chance to highlight core messages which resonate with your customers. Remember, some people may only have this interaction with your brand, so it needs to have as much thought and planning as any other form of marketing would have.

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