How to generate B2B Leads for your Advertising company

Advertising companies are in a sweet spot when it comes to attracting new clients, after all, this is what their content output is all about – aiding other firms to attract new customers, clients, and loyal consumers.
Selling the services of advertising, however, can sometimes be a meta service to market. Let’s consider how to generate b2b leads for that very purpose:

Marketing email lists.

Marketing lists retain their value for many reasons. They serve as verified contact points you can use to explain your services in a value-added manner, perhaps using promotions and discounts to encourage interest in your B2B marketing campaign. As such, they’re worth using, especially when provided by services like Seagrass Marketers.

Let your content marketing shine.

Running a blog dedicated to marketing advice and news can be a key way of improving your SEO while also achieving backlinks that help you become more authoritative a web presence. Using timed pop-ups, discounts, and newsletters with free guides for starting businesses, you can also showcase your attention to detail and clarity of thought necessary to retrain leads.

Flex your video marketing for social media.

Infographics are great, but for social media, video marketing pieces posted on the timeline can help tremendously. You can also use Facebook and LinkedIn advertisements to make this more of a reality and to ensure that your content is more likely to be seen. Make it snappy, with outbound links to your service placed within the description or as part of the video player widget depending on the platform you use.
With this advice, you’ll both have proven your marketing chops and also acquired leads to follow up on and convert – the best of both worlds.

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