Business Profiling

Corporate Prospect? Go in Prepared

Winning a contract with a corporate client can reap rich rewards. But corporates have sophisticated structures. To comprehend a corporate’s complex strategy and tactics takes in depth study. Intelligent marketers need to focus and invest significant time in research to understand their prospect’s needs.

Business Profiling

Business Strategy and Financials in Simple Graphics

We put together what marketers need to know on any individual corporate prospect in our Company Profiling service. We take extensive research, reading and analysis, and condense huge amounts of data. Using simple to-the-point visuals we explain your prospect’s overall business strategy, planned growth areas, and information on their competitors. In addition, we give you a break down of their internal structures, key financials, contact and location information so it’s all at your fingertips.

In Depth Profiling

Is it useful for you to know your prospect intends to expand its middle class urban locations? Or that it centralizes its purchasing? Or that it has plans to extend specific services to its existing customers?

Can information like this help you to identify an opportunity to sell your own service?

Our team has professional experience of more than a decade in market reporting for corporates. We know how important easy to understand graphics are for fast high level decision making.

We deliver an analysis that goes to the heart of what drives corporate decisions, and we furnish the contextual data to illuminate your prospect's inner workings.

To the right are just some of the subjects that our Company Profiling reports cover.

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Shape your offer to meet their needs

Our Company Profiling reports mean you only need one day of reading to have a strong foundation from which to shape what you're selling to your prospect’s needs.

Corporate's Identity in Broader Market
Plans for Growth
Areas of Competitive Advantage
Corporate Structure

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